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Chameleon Hosting started due to a requirement for hosting for our own websites and clients. Since 2001 we have used nearly every hosting provider in one form or another and due to the fact that we could not find reliable hosting we have developed Chameleon Hosting.

The problems and time lost moving hosting providers made us decide that we should manage our own systems and develop a leading solution with the knowledge that we have in-house.

We have an added advantage over many others attempting to do something similar due to the relationships we have with Fibre providers within the UK.

We have developed a relationship with DELL to provide the latest technology of servers which means that we have ultimate hosting solutions with the latest technology available.

Take advantage of the Best UK Based Hosting Company and all our hard work knowing that you do not have to experience the same pitfalls that we have wiht hosting of websites.

Who is Chameleon

Chameleon is one of the leading UK based Web Design and SEO Companies so a name you can trust. Due to the nature of our role in the Internet industry we understand the importance of high quality hosting.

Our head quarters are in Birmingham so feel free to pop in and see us if you are local.

Cheapest Hosting Provider

We have tried our best to be the cheapest hosting provider in the UK and still provide the best hosting solutions. You may find cheaper hosting but this comes with a potential head-ache.

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