Chameleon Data Centre

Business Hosting Packages

Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality hosting services by ensuring that we have the latest server technology and diverse fibre connectivity to ensure that we are always delivering 100% up-time.

But Business hosting has changed and now the hosting packages that people are looking for are tailored to reduce costs and many other hosting companies have stopped investing in hardware during these hard times.

The UK hosting industry has allowed the consumers to drive down costs and this has meant that many small hosting companies are falling over and our goal was to stay ahead over 2012.

Migration of the Business Intelligence service

On Saturday 15 December 2012, we will be migrating the Business Intelligence service to our new data centres. Starting at 09:00 GMT, there will be a systems outage for Business Intelligence lasting up to twelve hours whilst the migration work is carried out.  
All other Registry systems will operate as usual.

If you have any questions please contact our customer services team on 01865 332233 or by email to domain name consultation – update and clarifications

As the consultation continues, we wanted to provide another update on progress, while clarifying some of the issues that have been raised so far.

Feedback continues to come in fast and we are listening to views from a wide cross section of stakeholders. The proposal does represent a significant potential change to the .uk namespace and that’s why we are taking this consultative approach – it should be noted that the service outlined in the proposal is by no means a fait accompli, and by running this consultation we will determine if we go ahead, and if so, how plans are shaped to take everyone’s views into account.

All stakeholder views are welcomed and we strongly recommend that interested parties attend one of a number of upcoming events we have created to debate the issues around the proposal.

In response to feedback so far, we have updated the FAQ and provided more details in some areas of common questioning or misconception. You can read the full FAQ here, but in the meantime we thought it worth clarifying a couple of points:

Existing domains and registrants’ rights

Many have asked why existing users wouldn’t get first refusal on a .uk equivalent under the current proposals. This is an issue that we are looking at closely and wanted to provide some more details on our thinking so far.

The proposal is viewed as an addition to the .uk namespace, rather than a transition, so this led us away from automatically ‘grandfathering’ every existing domain. There are other considerations here, such as thousands of cases where existing registrations are not unique – for example, and are registered to two different registrants. Registration criteria are also different under the new proposal (requiring a UK address for service), so not all current registrations would be able to be automatically transferred.

Of course we recognise that existing .uk registrants may want the .uk equivalent, so propose that domain names registered at the third level will constitute an unregistered right, provided evidence of use could be shown prior to the qualifying date. That said, we want to respect trade mark holders, and for practical reasons we judged it to be more appropriate to involve them at the start of the process,  avoiding competing claims and potential conflicts that would otherwise come later on. But trade mark holders will not automatically be granted a .uk domain - we intend to set criteria for them (as we did with the short domains release), including having to be an EU or UK trade mark, with evidence of bona fide use – verified by external agents -  prior to 1 July 2012 (to help prevent trade mark squatting).

It is important to us to get the details of this right – any approach has pros and cons, and we want to make well-informed decisions that have taken the views of our stakeholders into account.

The cost of domains and use of profits

At this stage, cost has not yet been determined. We have estimated a sub £20 wholesale cost, so we could be up front that the costs would be higher than a or domain – but the price is an upper limit and not yet fixed.  

The estimated costs covers the additional security features outlined in the proposal - registrant verification, malware scanning, and a trustmark all involve additional bought-in costs for Nominet . We’ve included such features in the proposal because our research has shown that many businesses and consumers want them – 79% of those we surveyed who intended to buy a domain name liked the idea of a new secure product. But as with all aspects of the proposal, nothing is set in stone.  

Again, we would reiterate that we see the new .uk domains as an alternative to, not a replacement for, or any other third level .uk address. It is not the case that everyone with a would be forced to simply move and pay more for a .uk equivalent.

Regarding any profit from the proposed release, as with all existing revenues, Nominet would invest any surplus funds in projects that support the ultimate public purpose of the organisation - to create a trusted, safe .uk internet for all.

The consultation will remain open until 7 January and nothing in the proposal is final – if you have views or feedback, please continue to let us know via our website, by email ( or at one of the forthcoming events.  We are committed to ensuring that any changes to the namespace would have a net positive impact on UK businesses and consumers and your views will play a huge part in determining whether and how we move forward.